[mythtv-users] missing audio channels with PCHDTV

Don glasswall at excite.com
Sat May 1 23:56:21 EDT 2004

I'm using a pcHDTV card under a recent (3/31/2004) CVS version of
mythtv.  With programs which have ac3 encoded 5.1 audio, I only 
hear some of the audio channels.  Typical output from mythfrontend 
is this:

Input #0, mpegts, from '/myth/recordings/2187_20040420210000_20040420220000.nuv':
  Stream #0.0[0x11]: Video: mpegvideo_xvmc, 1280x720, 59.94 fps
  Stream #0.1[0x14]: Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, 5:1, 384 kb/s
2004-05-01 22:05:42 Opening OSS audio device '/dev/dsp'.
2004-05-01 22:05:43 Audio fragment size: 16380
Using XvMC version: 1.0

I'm using ALSA 1.0.4 drivers and playing through stereo speakers
connected to the Line Out on my sound card.  Both the Audigy and the 
onboard audio on the ASUS P4P800 Deluxe motherboard in the system 
exhibit the same behavior.

I hear everything if I play the files using mplayer (although
the sound does tend to drop out after a couple of minutes).  Is 
there a (simple) way to solve this problem in Mythtv?

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