[mythtv-users] 9800Pro --> Samsung DLP

Mama seeda mamaseeda at comcast.net
Sat May 1 14:15:08 EDT 2004

I poorly phrased a request to the list:

>  ...I'd like to know anyone's exp/thoughts on how my brother
>  might like hooking his Samsung HLN437W (42" DLP-based display
>  to his 9800Pro (DVI-out) while being fed by a Myth system.

and was asked to clarify by Johnny Lee:

> Thoughts on how he might like it? What does that mean? You want us to guess
> how someone nobody knows would like something or not? 

Thank you for the netiquette reminder. What I should have asked was:

Anyone using DVI out? ...to an HD display? ...using 9800Pro or equivalent?

Have you encountered any pitfalls? Which resolutions have worked best?
How is the aliasing of Freetype on your combination?

I certainly don't expect to have anyone do any leg work for me, I simply
wanted to know about anyone else's experiences with such hardware and
will gladly share mine as the system(s) I build mature.

For the record, I began to seriously use Linux when Fedore Core 1 was
released (many years of win/Mac/DEC/SunOS/network admin) and can now ssh
my way around a secured net server fairly well. Have worked in early and
modern VOD platforms at the NOC, inside and outside plant levels as well
as the early PCS and M/LMDS wireless trials.

I now run a modest consultancy targeting upper-middle and above
homeowners for general computing, home networking and smarthome
integration (A/V, security, environmental) which should explain my
interest in MythTV <grin>.

FWIW, I will contribute back whatever I can, whenever I can. Hat's off 
to Isaac for the quotations in the channel listing creenshots. Now there 
is some good gospel.


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