[mythtv-users] OT: Gentoo/Myth help

softsecure at vivace.homelinux.net softsecure at vivace.homelinux.net
Sat May 1 07:35:37 EDT 2004

Just wondering if there's a patient soul who would be willing to go 
back-and-forth with me via email...

Decided to chuck my old setup and move to Gentoo...probably a bit 
ambitious of me, but then, so was deciding to move to use Linux almost 
exclusively when I got my computer last year.

Anyway, I'm coming up against a whole combination of things that are 
interfering with me getting mythtv running.

It looks to me like a combination of kernel config, permissions, X setup, 
so it would require too much off-topic for me to want to deal with over 
this list.

I also have little enough invested in the setup at this point that it 
might be simpler to scrap what I have and start again from scratch (rather 
than trying to troubleshoot all these little things).

Small notes about the setup, I've got a Hauppauge Win-TV PCI card with an 
FM radio tuner...so won't be needing ivtv.  My video card uses nvidia.  
Based on comfort from my last distro, I've been using KDE.  Sound is 

I've managed to get most of the things I want to use running...still can't 
print and I can't get xawtv running properly yet.

Anyway, if there's a kind soul that's willing to help...I'd be glad to 
have it...if not, the other option is still available to me: returning to 
the distribution that I've used before.

Scott Rollins
softsecure at vivace.homelinux.net

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