[mythtv-users] Using DVD writer as primary DVD drive?

Steven Cruysberghs steven.cruysberghs at pi.be
Wed Mar 31 15:43:15 EST 2004

Op wo 31-03-2004, om 19:35 schreef Dennis Lou:
> >>I'll try this but does that mencoder command 
> >>just _copy_
> >>the dvd, or does it perform some sort of re-
> >>encode (as the 
> >>program name suggests)? Also, I don't think an 
> >>AVI
> >>will hold the menus, language selection, etc....
> >
> >The -ovc and -oac options tell it to just copy.
> >However, you are correct in that it doesn't
> >grab the menus, etc.  For that, you'll want
> >vobcopy.  It will also take care of CSS.
> I forgot to mention that dvdbackup -M will
> also do it.
> http://dvd-create.sourceforge.net/dvdbackup-readme.html

I played around with this and made an image backup from a DVD. This
seems to work and I can play the file using mplayer but without the
menu's. I tried xine but this gives me error messages. Any idea how to
playback the image file with menu's?


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