[mythtv-users] Minimizing bandwidth with MPEG-4

D Banerjee davatar at comcast.net
Wed Mar 31 11:26:21 EST 2004

I've been thinking of doing this for quite a while, having a proxy/lo-res
video automatically transcoded after recording and kept in parallel for use
either by a remote frontend or DSMyth filter. I think your real problem is
buffering. If you're using frontend, it's not very tolerant of losing it's
data source. If you try using the DSMyth filter on windows however, it will
let you play while you are still buffering, so you can keep it paused for a
few minutes and then you should be all set. I've experimented with this a
little, but I'd like to get a proxy version of frontend going, so I could
cygwin/mythfrontend into the system when I'm on the road.


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> I've been trying to come up with encoder settings for MPEG-4 that
> provide the lowest possible bandwidth utilization. This is in the hopes
> of being able to watch (grainy) TV on my desktop at work. It _almost_
> runs smoothly for me right now.
> My current settings are 160x160 MPEG-4 at 100kbps, max qual 2, min qual
> 15, qual diff 3, 4MV and hi-qual checked, MP3 sampled at 32000 at a
> quality of 9. These settings will produce a 50M file for a 30 minute
> show. That's around 200kbps which is 2/3 of the upstream capacity on my
> cable modem (which makes me wonder why it isn't 100kbps as set -- ah
> well). I tried watching some baseball from the office yesterday and
> experienced momentary drop outs (~1-2 sec) every 10 seconds or so -- so
> I know I'm close. I figure I'll never get the full 300kbps upstream from
> my cable modem, so my target should be around 150kbps for my encoding
> settings.
> I don't believe the 4MV and hi-qual MPEG-4 settings will make a
> difference. That leaves changes to the max qual, min qual, and qual diff
> settings for MPEG-4 and the audio settings. Unfortunately I haven't seen
> any documentation whatsoever on how to adjust those MPEG-4 quality
> settings (except for warnings _not_ to touch the settings) and there
> isn't a control to alter the bitrate of the MP3 audio.
> Has anyone else attempted this or have any suggestions? Thanks!


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