[mythtv-users] he shoots. he scores!

Adam Wood AdamWood at Xephi.co.uk
Wed Mar 31 03:39:12 EST 2004

> now what i would be interested to know is if anybody had good 
> quality output 
> from the epia? if the answer was yes, that indeed somebody 
> had good output 
> then at least i would know it was worth continuing on my 
> quest. however, if 
> it is never going to cut it then i'll cut my losses and try 
> to make the 350 
> decoding configuration the one of choice.


I'm running an MII-10000, so not exactly the same but assuming the 9000 uses
a CLE266 northbridge then I guess I can give an opinion. The TV out quality
of the CLE266 with whatever tv encoder is being used is excellent. I'm
running an PVR-250 at full PAL quality (overkill perhaps) taking my input
from an NTL (pace) digibox. I've never used or even seen a running PVR-350
so I can't compare. What I can say though is that I can barely tell the
difference between regualar tv and myth now. My tv is quite old and not that
high quality so draw your own conclusions.

Hope some of that helps,


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