[mythtv-users] PAL-like symptoms on an NTSC Signal

beckham44 beckham44 beckham44beckham44 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 31 03:21:10 EST 2004

I've just moved and hooked my backend up to my cable system.  I don't have 
the cleanest cable signal in the world, but it's watchable.  MythTV doesn't 
seem to like it, however.  I will get recordings with the bottom 1/4th of 
the screen a green bar, and odd colors and double images on the remaining 
part of the screen.  This looks a lot like when happens if you select PAL 
instead of NTSC; but I've checked and the format in the settings table of 
the database is NTSC and the freq. table is us-cable.  This happens on all 
channels.  If I look at the channels through xawtv they look fine (once I 
set it to NTSC - it always seems to default to PAL).  Why would xawtv tune 
the channels in clearly but mythtv not be able to?  Cards are both Leadtek 
2000/XP Deluxe.

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