[mythtv-users] Using DVD writer as primary DVD drive?

Kevin D. Snodgrass kds.mythtv at cox.net
Wed Mar 31 00:32:14 EST 2004

Boyd II, Willy wrote:
>>>>Going one step further in the fantasy, another useful option would 
>>>>be "copy while playing". I've heard there are commercial CDROM 
>>>>players which can copy the CD to disk while listening it. Mythtv 
>>>>could do that with both CDs and DVDs...
>>>Do DVDs have a mountable filesystem?  If so, then something
>>>like this might work:
>>>mount /mnt/dvd
>>>dd if=/mnt/dvd/whatever.mpg 2>/dev/null|tee
>>>/home/videos/whatever.mpg|xine -pq


> And once mounted, xine can play from any directory that holds a
> dvd-video structure (whether mounted or the ripped vobs).  No need to do
> any piping there.  The part I'm not positively sure about is how to copy
> the exact structure as mounted.  mkisofs??

The reason I suggested the above commands was to address the 
"fantasy" of "copy while playing".  That is the purpose of 
tee, one copy to disk, the other stdout piped to xine.

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