[mythtv-users] Using DVD writer as primary DVD drive?

William White bwhite at frognet.net
Tue Mar 30 20:15:21 EST 2004

Josh Jeppson wrote:
>>Franco wrote:
>>mount /mnt/dvd
>>dd if=/mnt/dvd/whatever.mpg 2>/dev/null|tee 
>>/home/videos/whatever.mpg|xine -pq
> I do this very thing all the time under windows.  Yet to try
> mounting the filesystem under linux.  DAEMON Tools on windows
> will mount just about any image as a virtual CD/DVD drive.
> So, I see no reason why this couldn't be setup under linux/myth.

DVDs mount fine on every box I have (all running Fedora Core 1 with AT 
kernel), I believe the filesystem is UDF.  Try any of:

mount -t udf /dev/dvd /mnt/cdrom
mount -t udf /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
mount -t udf /dev/scd0 /mnt/cdrom

(for the latter I'm assuming ide-scsi.o module, which means kernel 2.4 
not 2.6, since 2.6 doesn't have ide-scsi; furthermore I'm assuming that 
it's device 0).

If mount complains that type UDF is unknown, that's most likely your 

It might also be iso9660, also try '-t iso9660' instead of '-t udf'), 
but most DVDs are UDF, not ISO9660.

Once mounted, you can copy normally.  There's a nice little script
floating around called 'dvd9to5' which uses tcrequant to shrink a
DVD's main feature to fit on a DVD{-R,-RW,+R,+RW}.  It works most of the 
time.  If you can't find it via google (I think it's at the transcode 
list) I'll post it.

-- Bill

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