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Harry Orenstein ho_9 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 30 16:55:52 EST 2004

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>Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] Channel icons - image formats
>Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 20:31:12 +0100
>Joseph A. Caputo wrote:
>>I haven't really looked into it, but most likely the channel icons can be 
>>in any image format supported by your Qt installation.  I believe most Qt 
>>binary packages support at least JPEG, PNG, pixmap and others. GIF may 
>>also be an option depending on how the Qt package was compiled.
>Since tv_grab_uk_rt does not get icons I decided to surf some web sites and 
>get my own.  I spent about an hour putting them all in place using the 
>setup screen and I had GIFs and JPEGs which all worked fine, even with the 
>alpha channel which was quite nice to see.
>The downside is that the next time I did a mythfilldatabase, it removed all 
>of my icon settings... GRRRR.  I've not bothered putting them back in .... 
>unless someone knows a way to stop it removing them in the future?
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I don't know about tv_grab_uk_rt, but tv_grab_na does not remove
the icons and AFAIK neither does mythfilldatabase.  All that happens
is that the database is updated and the locations of the icons are
dropped from the channel database.  To correct this you have two

1. Dump the chanid and the icon location from the database when
it is there (before cleared by next run) and create a text file
that you can use to update the database when the icon locations
get removed (command for each channel would be something like:
update channel set icon = '/home/myth/.mythtv/channels/bbc1.jpg'
where chanid = 1001;).  To update the database using the list
of saved commands just do a 'mysql -u root mythconverg <
iconrestore.sql' (or somesuch).

2. Change filldata.cpp in the source so that icons locations are not
cleared if an icon cannot be retrieved.  This involves setting a global
variable to indicate whether or not the grabber supports icons,
changing the proper grabber to set the flag to indicate that it does
not support icons and changing the part of the code that gets the
icons (not the interactive part) to only try to get the icons if the
grabber supports them.  [these are easy mods and I can give you
some more specific info if you want and if you are using 0.14].
You have to recompile mythfilldatabase after the changes.

If you are not comfortable with changing the source then I would
definitely opt for 1.


-- Harry O.

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