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Sam Gibbons sgibbons at dirtytwinkie.com
Tue Mar 30 15:49:53 EST 2004

As an aside, I work for a large MSO who is actively pursuing IEEE1394 as
a recording path from their DCTs for both HDTV and regular digital
channels. These are now being deployed on the HDTV boxes from Motorola;
the 6200 series and the 9000 series.

This _will_ be a hot button issue on this list eventually. Maybe not
now, but I would bet within 9 months.


On Tue, 2004-03-30 at 14:13, Chris Moseng wrote:
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> I've gone back and tried to find a discussion about the relationship 
> between 1394 DV and MythTV and I'm still just as confused as when I 
> started.
> Is the reason that MythTV seems to have a blindspot for 1394 simply 
> because nobody has needed to scratch that itch in this community?
> I have a Sony DVMC-DA2 that converts analog A/V to firewire, and back 
> again. It seems (to someone without the nitty gritty, bit-level 
> familiarity of MPEG-2 transport and display) a perfect device to 
> digitize digital video for MythTV. As would most 1394 DV devices.
> So what exactly would I need to overcome to use this box as an input? 
> Would a mere pipe take care of it, or is there something I'm missing 
> that makes it clear why this is such a difficult/inappropriate 
> technological marriage? It seems a shame to have this nifty little 
> breakout box so capable of MPEG-2 encoding, but be unable to use it.
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