[mythtv-users] Error (0x00)

Jason Donhaue mythtv at timekiller.org
Tue Mar 30 15:11:23 EST 2004

So I just got some new (to me) receivers, the sony B-50. Which I DID see
a post saying worked with the sony.pl script. I'm assuming all I need is
a standard serial cable, which I hooked up.

When I run 'sony.pl 501' I get: Error (0x00)

I know the Myth box is setup correctly because my old RCA worked great!

I read a post in the archives about basically "turning on the low speed
data port" in the receiver. I have been through all the screens I can
find, but do not see one for enabling the port.

Anyone got any ideas on this one?

BTW: yes I confirmed the script was using the right port (ttyS0), and I
tried lowering the speed from 115200 to 9600. But still nothing :(

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