[mythtv-users] Stop showing TV when idle?

Martyn Weber martyn at blacksun.uk.com
Tue Mar 30 13:18:30 EST 2004

HI there was a recent patch submitted that enabled mythtv to do something
when a key was pressed on the remote. I am going to have a look at that
code, when I get a chance, as I think it might morph into something that
might help out.

My idea is to have a ir blaster configured to drive the TV. Then configure
mythtv so that when I press the OFF button on the mythtv remote, it jumps to
the TV or main menu and sends an IR 'tv off' signal to the TV. This means I
can do away with the TV remote and stop people turning off the TV and
leaving the myth box on live TV.

This could be developed further to shutdown the mythbox if there after a
period of no activity like the current wake up later option (but amended to
deal with combined backend/frontend after the remote's power off button has
been pressed). Then all thats left is to get the PC to power on when it
detects activity on the serial port (which has the remote receiver plugged

Some ideas there, dunno when, if, or how far I'll get with all this....

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Subject: [mythtv-users] Stop showing TV when idle?

> My roommates have yet to grasp the concept of MythTV; they have a
> tendency to start watching a show, and then just turn off the TV when
> they're done, leaving MythTV cranking away at whatever channel is on,
> with no one watching. Tonight I came home and mythfrontend was hung,
> apparently because it had been left playing for 24 hours. It was easy
> enough to killall mythfrontend and then start it up again, but I'm
> trying to make those types of interventions as infrequent as possible.
> Is there some way to get Myth to prompt you after a certain amount of
> idle activity (maybe no channel surfing or something) to keep watching
> or stop? Then maybe there would be a 15 second timer, and when it
> expires, Myth kills the TV and flips back to the menu? Or should I not
> care about this?
> /Owen


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