[mythtv-users] MythTV stops recording before the program ends...

Claus M. Christiansen a at skjern-net.dk
Tue Mar 30 13:09:28 EST 2004


I have finally gotten MythTV to work, and I'm so very impresed... It is 
a really nice program indeed.
Of course there have to be a but here...

When I set a recording, either by the program guide or a manual 
schedule, it stops in the recording before the recording is actually 
over, which is, off course, a bit annoying. Furthermore when the 
recording stops this way MythTV doesn't 'free' the TV card and I am 
unable to view live TV after, because it believes that the TV card is 
currently recording.
When I look at the output from mythbackend I can see it chaning from 
'None to RecordingOnly' but never from 'RecordingOnly to none'.

 I'm located in Denmark which have the PAL TV standard if that is any 
help. My TV card is a PVR 350 and I'm using MythTV CVS version on a 
Debian Unstable/Testing.


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