[mythtv-users] PXE boot using Soltec Qbic EQ3702?

Jon Tegner tegner at nada.kth.se
Tue Mar 30 12:18:31 EST 2004

Check this (at the bottom)


Bios is AX1.5F, and again I have the eq3401.

I use a atx9600 (fanless), and it seems to me the linux driver on this 
is not as good as the windows one (no elaborate test though).

I have one other problem, when using the pvr250, and the volume is high, 
there is a hissing noice. Hope to solve this with different mixer 
settings, but not there yet.

Apart from this I think the system is nice, haven't really checked the 
temp, but noice-level is low (on my 2.6 GHz I have been able to 
"undervolt" it about 15% without problems). In no way distrubing when 
used as a TV. So except for the hissing noice (which I hope to solve) 
I'm really satisfied with this one.

Also, even though bios indicate that pxe is there, I have not tried it yet.



Jeppe N. Madsen wrote:

>On Mon, 29 Mar 2004, tegner at nada.kth.se wrote:
>> For what it is worth:
>> I have a Qbic 3401, and after flashing to the latest bios PXE did
>> show up (wasn't there before).
>Ok. What bios version is this? None of the updates on the site
>mentions pxe support. Oh well, maybe it's not deemed important.....
>How do you like the Soltek case? Noise/Heat levels? What gfx card do you
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