[mythtv-users] Cannot Connect to your Myth Transcoding Daemon

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Tue Mar 30 07:40:38 EST 2004

Michael A. Howell wrote:
> All,
> I keep getting this error message.  I have read through the archives and 
> have ensured that my temp and video directories exist and the my mythtv 
> user has full access to them.  After hitting the number buttons on my 
> remote, my rip menu does come up and allows me to continue.  My mtd.log 
> is created and reports no errors.  How can I fix this error and keep it 
> from coming up?

The mtd process is not started automatically until you take this action. 
  If it crashes (which it shouldn't) or if you reboot your machine, 
you'll get this screen the first time you try to rip a DVD.  After that, 
it shouldn't come up until the next time you reboot.


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