[mythtv-users] Re: OT wireless keyboard/mouse

Andrew Wilson agwilson at rhetorical.com
Tue Mar 30 05:58:41 EST 2004

Here's my experiences with wireless keyboards. Sorry about the shameless 
plug, but I really feel that this is an important part of the whole myth 
tv experience :-)  Especially if you want to write an email to your mum 
from 10 feet away...

I've tried out several different wireless keyboard/mouse combos, and 
they do vary greatly in usability. I didn't like the airboard for the 
reasons you say.

I tried a logitech desktop RF keyboard, but I found that anything that 
has the numeric keypad and the middle block of keys was just too big for 
the living room. Plus I really wanted a built-in mouse

I also tried one which had a miniture joystick to move the mouse, but I 
didn't like that either, as you just didn't feel in control of the cursor.

The best solution I found was a keyboard called the Scorpius Li which 
has a trackball on your right thumb, and 3 mouse buttons on your left 
thumb. It's not perfect - the Fn key gets in the way sometimes, and the 
power off button is too close to the mouse trackball, and you do need 
line of sight to the receiver, but once you get used to that it works 
really well. Its range is impressive, as is the battery life.

I could only buy these in bulk so I got a bunch for myself and some 
friends and sold the rest on ebay.

Everyone seems to like them - check out my ebay feedback. I still have a 
bunch of these to sell - I take paypal and I'm happy to ship them 
anywhere in the world.


> Sorry for the OT but so many of you have them, how the heck did you get your
> wireless mouse/joystick to work? I have an airboard sk-7100, keyboard works
> great but mouse is too jumpy and no buttons..

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