[mythtv-users] Notes and bug on recent CVS changes

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Mon Mar 29 22:35:48 EST 2004

bobnvic at everestkc.net wrote:
> Tony Maro wrote:
>>I just updated my CVS edition of MythTV and associated modules 
>>yesterday.  I noticed one bug and a few little... incongruities.
>>Bug:  Every movie in my MythVideo database is displayed in the 
>>even if the checkbox is NOT checked to display in the browser.
> I had this problem as well and got the answer on irc last night.
> The issue is due to the addition of filters to mythvideo.  Press
> F to bring up the filter dialog while in the browse screen.  One
> of the options to filter is the browse tag.  It is set to default
> to "all" instead of "yes", which I think would make a lot more
> sense, especially being consistent with previous behaviour and
> general expectations.  Could someone change this default setting?
> I would expect a lot more people to run into this problem when
> .15 is released.

Not to mention I only use a remote (no keyboard) on my frontend box and 
this is NOT a key I have mapped... I'm going to set it to something 
different using MythWeb, but keeping with the standard (Menu + choice) 
option that MythTV is using now might be a better option.


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