[mythtv-users] two mythfrontend sessions

Joe Byrne mythjoe at joebyrne.org
Mon Mar 29 23:24:12 EST 2004

This is a hack answer (i.e., it doesn't explain the hows and whys), but it probably works.  I assume you have mythfrontend configured to start automatically.  I think KDE wants to restore apps that were running when it last shut down.  When you restart, KDE remembers that it was running mythfrontend.  You also have your machine to restart mythfrontend as well.  Thus, two sessions start up.  Assuming you're rebooting/restarting in a controlled manner, just be sure to manually close out mythfrontend first.  This way KDE doesn't try to resume it automatically upon restart--only the session started per your configuration (e.g. by putting a link to mythfrontend in KDE's Autostart directory) does.  You could probably replace the link in Autostart with a script that checks if the program is already running.
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  Two mythfrontend session start when rebooting or restarting X.  I can not seem to figure out why.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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