[mythtv-users] RE: ME6000, PVR350, Myth(TV)ology, /dev/video0 I/O error

Thomas Hudak tom at 1337consulting.net
Mon Mar 29 23:15:50 EST 2004

As of a couple of hours ago (after an update from atrpms, fedora core1)
I started receiving the same error, nothing changed configuration wise,
but I recall seeing the ivtv and ivtv-kmdl packages get updated. Nothing
is being read from /dev/video0.. Again, 4 hours ago (prior to the
update) everything was working fine.

If anyone out there has some ideas as to what happened could you hit me
with the cluestick? I'll post again when the machine is not being used
as a TV in windows and I can paste logs, I upped the debug level to "2"
but have no idea if what I'm seeing is an error or not as I have no
previous frame of reference for a working mythtv config set to debug
level 2.

The ivtv modules appear to work fine, and I can generate test images
on-screen so something appears to have happened to reading from
/dev/video0 only. BTW I have the latest firmware revisions per the URL
in Jarod's how-to, I will try to downgrade and report feedback.

PVR350, GF4 MX440 64mb, athlon, fedora-core1 updated via atrpms as of
3-29-04 ~17:00CST, previous update 3-24.


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