[mythtv-users] Packaging MythTV for Slackware

Scott LeBrun slebrun at scopus.vic.edu.au
Mon Mar 29 18:14:49 EST 2004

Hi Dario.

Not to put a dampener on anything, but I can't see the point in
packaging Myth for Slackware. Packages are for users who don't have the
time to compile or don't feel confident compiling their own software. As
a Slackware user myself, I know that it is not the distro for people in
this category.

But if you want to do it anyway - fine. :-)


>>> djdas at djdas.no-ip.org 30/03/2004 5:14:43 am >>>
Hi all, I'd like to make a Slackware package of MythTV, I built all
dependencies packages needed to compile MythTV but I can't force the
installation to a "package dir" to create the package. 
I tried to set the DESTDIR  variable either before issuing "qmake
mythtv.pro" or before "make install", but nothing... 
The only thing I've done right is to change the prefix of installation
files to /usr instead of /usr/local (changing this setting in the
settings.pro file).
Can anyone help me? Thank you very much.

Dario <djdas at djdas.no-ip.org>

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