[mythtv-users] cheap TV-Card

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Mon Mar 29 16:47:33 EST 2004

Michael Messner wrote:
> Hello myth-Users,
>  because the PVR-Cards are much to expensive for me I'm interested in a 
> cheaper TV-card!
> But I don't really know which cards are good and also fully supported from 
> myth and linux.
> It should just be a card for analog TV.

Well, since nobody seems to have responded yet, I will.  I use the ATI 
TV Wonder-VE which is a mono software encoding card for less than $50. 
Note this is NOT one of the "All-in-Wonder" cards.  They don't work.

I'm pretty darn happy with it.  It's much better quality than a 6 hour 
setting on a VHS recorder, but not quite real broadcast quality on my 
system.  I'm saving up for a PVR-250 later this year.


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