[mythtv-users] Notes and bug on recent CVS changes

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Mon Mar 29 16:14:34 EST 2004

I just updated my CVS edition of MythTV and associated modules 
yesterday.  I noticed one bug and a few little... incongruities.

Bug:  Every movie in my MythVideo database is displayed in the browser, 
even if the checkbox is NOT checked to display in the browser.  I really 
don't want all my home movies showing up in the middle of my 33 ripped 

Also, my little notes / nitpicks:

I don't use picture in picture.  I don't even have two tuners.  Why does 
it show in the "M" menu while watching live TV.

I also don't ever change aspect, etc... it would be nice to have a 
setting to revert to the old activity of M just pulls up the guide - or 
at least detect that I only have one tuner and drop the PIP option.

The onscreen display has lost some congruency with the new menus.  The 
new menus (i.e. from the M key watching live to the M key in 
MythGallery) across different modules don't quite look the same.  Also, 
it's completely against the entire theme engine if you ask me, and you 
didn't ;-) I have these cool pop-ups when I pause and such but if I hit 
M I get this weird semi-transparent blocky menu that looks like the 
cheap software on my cheap Wal-Mart special DVD player (no offense to 
the programmers, that was just my first impression.)

My suggestion there is that it should be themeable, or at the very least 
the menu in MythTV should match the menu in MythGallery and other 
similar locations... they come _close_ to the same but aren't really the 
same.  The MythMusic menu looks closer to the MythTV menu than MythGallery.

Of course much of that is probably already in the works and I'm just 
wasting KB.

-Tony Maro

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