[mythtv-users] feature idea: links in mythweb tosmb/ftp/http files

Torbjörn Jansson torbjorn.jansson at mbox200.swipnet.se
Mon Mar 29 16:48:18 EST 2004

mythtv-users-bounces at mythtv.org <> wrote:
>> It would seem to me the advantage of using the myth:// protocol
>> identifier would be of  greater relevance to those who have multiple
>> backend setups and want a single server to sort out where a
>> particular recorded show may exist. 
> Yes.  although a BETTER solution would be to use a standard URI type
> like http over another port so mythweb could proxy the data
> if need be,
> and so that people who use both windows and linux could access the
> recordings. 
> What port does myth:// map to?  I can just map this directly via
> mythweb, which would even be smart enough to know which backend a
> particular recording lives on.  This would definitely help
> people whose
> web client boxes live in a different zone than the myth backend(s).

It uses the same port as myth uses.

The myth:// urls is only used to trigger windows to use the network filter I
created (the one that connects directly to mythbackend and streams from it).
To make it as easy as posibel I used the same type of urls that's used
internaly by mythtv.

Then network filter tries to be smart, it first takes apart the url or
filename (x:\dir\the_file.nuv) so it gets the filename part, then it asks
mythbackend for the list of recorded programs.
If it finds the filename among the recordings then that url is used to
connect to the backend. This can be a different backend than what was
specified in the url.
If it fails, then it falls back to use the host and port from the orginal

Note that the network filter uses the database specified in the
configuration program to access the master backend and get the list of
recordings, so if you use another mythweb than your own, the first check
will most likely fail or get the wrong file.

I only have one backend so I can't test the case with multiple backends.
I'm open to suggestions and improvements, maybe there's another way that's

Hmm... Maybe it's posibel to make the webserver send a mimetype that's
specific to nuv files and then somehow get the windows filters to trigger on
the mimetype, 

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