[mythtv-users] How to configure 2 capture cards to use the samevideo source?

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Mon Mar 29 16:21:19 EST 2004

> It's pretty simple... just define a single video source, and 
> connect it 
> to both cards.  For instance, I have 2 M-179's that both tune analog 
> cable.  So I have:
> Video Source:  Comcast-Cable
> Connections:
> /dev/video0:Tuner0 -> Comcast-Cable
> /dev/video1:Tuner0 -> Comcast-Cable

I have tried that. I get one encoder that works and the other encoder simply
gives a blank screen. After a few moments the live tv screen goes back to
the watch tv menu.

The two cards are set up as follows:

video: /dev/video0
VBI:   /dev/vbi0
audio: /dev/dsp
default input: S-Video0

video: /dev/video1
VBI:   /dev/vbi1
audio: /dev/dsp1
default input: S-Video0

The only funny thing I notice is there is not a dsp0,dsp1,dsp2, etc like the
rest of the devices. Could this be the problem?

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