[mythtv-users] Gainward EntertainmentCenter Card TV-Tuner working with Linux/mythtv?

Ivar Katmo ivar_74 at yahoo.no
Mon Mar 29 14:28:12 EST 2004


My first posting here:

I have been looking for a low profile TV card for the
VIA EPIA MII HTPC I'm planning.

I found a "Gainward EntertainmentCenter Card TV-Tuner"
at a webshop here in Norway.

The same card was discuessed earlier:

Now I have found the following information about the
card at gainwords swedish site:

* LSI Logic DVxplore MEG-2 encoder 
* Philips SAA7174 (PAL) 
* Microtune MT2050 
* Philips TDA9885/6 

Will this work with mythTV?

Ivar Katmo

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