[mythtv-users] Removed VIA inserted Intel, everything works (baffled)

John Kuhn kuhn at razorsys.com
Mon Mar 29 13:10:20 EST 2004

well after getting extremly frustrated with my PVR-350's Tv-out 
stability.. i took it out of its home and bulit a computer out of spare 
parts i had laying around a 667mhz with a BX based chipset mobo..

everything works perfectly now.. i can FF RW PAUSE till my face turns 
blue.. also my OSD works with no special Frambuffer driver (matthies) 
using the standard 0.1.9 ivtv drivers..

amazing.. could it be the myth just works better on older hardware? or 
is it linux thats more stable... all i know is.. it works now.. 
semi-perfectly.. and i'm a happy camper again

John Kuhn

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