[mythtv-users] feature idea: links in mythweb tosmb/ftp/http files

Alan Snyder ax763 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 29 12:48:04 EST 2004

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> >>> lists at forevermore.net 3/29/2004 9:24:41 AM >>>
> > just out of curiosity: how does a browser know what to do with the 
> > myth://-protocol? Please point me to docs, if there are any.
> I think that this is something that is enabled by the windows 
> codecs for nuv files - http://dsmyth.sf.net/ 
> if we can smb mount the TV recording dir and click on a nuv 
> file and it plays (streaming) to a media player then why cant 
> we stream the files
> straight from the mythweb page?   it should play the same?
> Dave P

I've tried using file:// linkes with the correct path in
mythweb, and the browser (I normally use Firefox) wants to
download the file before playing it.  It seems that in
order to launch a media player to play the file directly,
you need either (1) a browser plugin defined to handle .nuv
files, or (2) a way to launch the viewer program on the
client side (does good security allow this?)

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