[mythtv-users] Power Con$umption

Rob Comstock mythtv at westcoastlinux.com
Mon Mar 29 11:55:57 EST 2004

I don't have lmsensors installed on my system (yet) so can't speek
to a temperature difference -- buy my power meter saw a drop 
from 175 watts to 150. Nice difference and so far I don't think
I see any performance difference. Audio is not a clean but I 
believe thats due to a kernel upgrade I just performed (2.4.25)
and not athcool. Always fun to make several changes at one
time and try to figure out the source of some new symptom...


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> > Try using athcool - 
> > http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/jacobi/linux/softwares.html
> > It enables powersaving mode on your Athlon.... It's awesome for cooling 
> > down your PC too (I saw like a 20 degree C difference)...
> Wow!  That makes a *huge* difference.
> I enabled that, and it's gone down 11C and is still dropping.
> With gentoo:
> % emerge athcool
> % rc-update add athcool default
> % /etc/init.d/athcool start
> This should be highlighted in the documentation somewhere.
> --PC

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