[mythtv-users] Ivtv DMA errors

Ryan Brancheau (US) ryan.brancheau at us.didata.com
Mon Mar 29 07:25:43 EST 2004

Cool, I'm thinking about the Albatron KM18G because it got some pretty
good reviews, and it has a built in video-out which might work better
for playing videos and also viewing startup info so I don't have to keep
lugging the monitor in from the other room.  I've got three inputs on my
TV so I'd probably hook one up to the mobo v-out and one to the PVR-350.
Also there are a couple different kinds of microATX board layouts, and
my case has the side-to-side audio jacks, where most seem to be stacked
so that limits it a bit.  A bit pricy @ ~$80-90 bucks, though, but it
might be worth it if it's solid.

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On Mar 27, 2004, at 12:05, Ryan Brancheau (US) wrote:

> Fair enough.  Any recommendations?

Er, "Go get", not "Got get"... (Need... more... sleep...)

I'm rather partial to nForce2 boards, though they ain't cheap
(relatively speaking -- my Tyan MP boards cost way more =). I love my
Chaintech 7NIF2, no problems to speak of, and its not a VIA chipset! 
Though I never had any issues with my old KM266 board (MSI KM2M
Combo-L) with dual ivtv tuner cards either, and my current secondary
system is rock-solid (MSI KM4M-L, one very sparsely used M179). I think
I paid about $100 for the 7NIF2, and about $60 for the KM4M (both from
local shops). The nForce2 board does have the distinct advantage of NOT
using a VIA chipset, so you can be pretty certain it won't have those
DMA issues (both my VIA boards are fine, but YMMV). On the cheap and
non-VIA, I've had good success with ECS K7S5A boards, which use a SiS
chipset and retail for like $30 now.

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> From: Jarod Wilson
> On Mar 26, 2004, at 15:33, Ryan Brancheau (US) wrote:
>> Okay, here's the situation:  I have been getting lockups and freezes 
>> on my PVR-350 (but hey, who hasn't been?).  I've got an MSI 6378 
>> micro-atx mobo with a VIA KLE-133 chipset, which I'm not sure is one 
>> of the one's notorious for DMA problems, but it's probably just a 
>> different rev of one of the one's that are.
[more snippage]
>> The first memory message happens every time ivtv loads, don't know if

>> this is part of the problem or how to disable it.  Any thoughts?
> The VIA 133-series chipsets are the worst offenders with ivtv, and 
> even a PCI ATA card isn't a guaranteed fix, according to the ivtv
>> Just noticed that the PVR-350 is sharing IRQ 10 with the VGA, don't 
>> know if that's a show-stopper or what...
> Shouldn't be, but you never know...
>> I also noticed that my integrated IDE seems to still be registering, 
>> even though it is in fact disabled in the CMOS.
> Linux usually ignores the BIOS settings for ATA controllers, because 
> so many boards have crappy/broken BIOSes...
>> I apologize for the length, but list users often complain about too 
>> little information in initial posts so I thought I'd send everything 
>> that seems relevant :)
> Better to give too much than too little, yes.
>> Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated, even if it's 
>> "go get a real motherboard".
> "Got get a real motherboard." ;-)

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE

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