[mythtv-users] Re: Re:Re: RE:Can't get mythvideo to work

Jarod Wilson jcw at wilsonet.com
Mon Mar 29 03:50:30 EST 2004

On Mar 28, 2004, at 20:50, gabe at mustbethemoney.com wrote:

> Thanks again to the master for once again coming to the rescue.

That one was actually in my doc, in the Misc section. ;-)

> I can now play vids of all types (vcd, svcd, divx, avi, mpg) but the 
> audio
> and video are out of sync, so I will explore how to that (if possible 
> with
> the state of the driver).  But thanks to all for all the help on this, 
> and
> hopefully this will help someone else!

I haven't mapped them to my remote at all yet, but occasionally, I do 
see divx rips get out of sync when played back with mplayer. That's 
when I just grab my Gyration keyboard and tap + and/or - a few times to 
adjust the audio delay. I really should map those... However, audio 
usually starts out fine, straying to varying degrees on only some rips, 
so you may have another problem there (no idea what that might be 

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE

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