[mythtv-users] Almost there! TV-out question (Nvidia MX-440)

Steve Dorsey steve at dorseygraphics.com
Sun Mar 28 17:17:57 EST 2004


   I'm almost all the way there. My Myth box does almost everything with 
the exception of playing MP3s. Strange one indeed.

Like my custom case?


   I now am ready to try to patch this thing through to my TV using th 
S-Video port on my GeForce 4 MX 440. I tried opening XF86config and 
using a set of frequencies which were suggested to me in a forum 
posting on another website, but that made Xwindows unbootable.


   Is there a specific set of frequencies/resolutions which will work on 
any TV?

   Also, do I want to set my resolution to 720x480? (That does not seem 
to be necessary, or even possible, but I just thought I'd ask).

Thanks for all the help folks!


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