[mythtv-users] What is a good CHEAP dvd recorder?

Adrian Phillips adrianp at broadpark.no
Sun Mar 28 04:59:09 EST 2004

>>>>> "William" == William  <wmunson at rochester.rr.com> writes:

    William> I am thinking about picking up a dvd drive so I can save
    William> some of the stuff I record and I have some questions.

    William> 1. Are all dvd recording drives supported under linux or
    William> do I need to look for a specific type?

I believe they are all supported (IDE drives are supported using

    William> 2. What is a cheap reliable model? One that doesnt turn
    William> out too many toasters.

Well, obviously this is IMHO but I bought a LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM
GSA-4040B, which supports writing of DVD-R/RW, +R/RW, and DVDRAM
(DVDRAM works like a removable hard disk - no burning necessary) and
has worked welll for the short time I have had it. I also recommended
it for someone at work about 3 or 4 weeks ago and haven't heard any
complaints so far. It is certainly reasonably priced, in Norway at

That should be relatively future-proofed as well supporting both +RW
and RAM.


Adrian Phillips

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