[mythtv-users] hardware config (newbie)

Billy Macdonald whmac33 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 28 02:34:14 EST 2004

--- Andy Lee <andy at ecdsystems.com> wrote:
> I have a 1.3GHz Pentium 4 system w/512 MB of memory and a Radeon 9600 
> videocard that I would like to be able to reuse as a PVR now that it is 
> being replaced as my desktop system.  Is that reasonable?  I know it's not 
> blazing fast, but I have been hoping that if I put in a tuner card with 
> some h/w compression (Hauppauge 250/350) it should be able to record one 
> show while watching another, and/or watch live with the ability to 
> pause.  Is that a realistic expectation?
> -Andy

Processor wise your fine with the P4 I'm guessing.  I can't comment on your
video card, I have an NVidia.

I have an AMD XP 2000 underclocked with 512MB RAM.
cat /proc/cpuinfo shows that it's running at 1244.719 MHz
I have 3 PVR 250's and playback of a 5MB/s stream takes up 30% cpu with the
deinterlacing filter.  Recording takes 0% CPU practically.  


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