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James L. Paul james at mauibay.net
Sun Mar 28 00:54:34 EST 2004

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On Saturday 27 March 2004 15:43, Gerald Gryschuk wrote:
> Um...Well this isn't a burning question in the sense that I need an
> answer real bad...rather this is a question regarding burning shows...
> If your burning files(videos in this case) to a DVD as just files,
> possibly avi or MPEG4 or whatever, is it the same as burning to a CD
> except that the size of the medium is obviously larger? In other words
> are you just putting a simple iso9660 file system on a DVD?

Basically, yes. You can think of a DVD as a block device just like a CD but 
larger. Of course, the type of filesystem you put on it can make a big 
difference. For example, an ISO9660 filesystem can't have files larger than 
2GB. If I remember correctly, the DVD-Video standard doesn't allow files 
larger than 1GB, but I think that's to accommodate lower hardware 
requirements for players. The UDF filesystem allows files at least 4GB, if I 
recall right, so that's useful for data DVDs.

So you can burn whatever filesystem you want on a DVD and read it like any 
other block device. With DVD+RW you can even treat it somewhat like a hard 

A useful way to make data DVDs can be to use mkisofs -udf. And of course, you 
will need UDF FS support in your kernel to read the result. ;)
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