[mythtv-users] MythTV shutting down the connection to lircd when starting mythfrontend

Peter Shipley ps at nomensa.com
Sat Mar 27 14:39:04 EST 2004

Hi all,

Can anyone hazard a guess as to why mythtv immediately connects then 
disconnects from the lirc daemon ?

Using the lirc progs it all seems fine.

I have a good (as far as i know) lircd.conf. Running irw echoes my 
channel names as i press buttons on the remote. I copied the sample 
lircrc file from mythtv-0.14 source and changed the button names to 
reflect the names I assigned the buttons in lircd.conf but every time I 
run mythtv i get:

$ lircd 0.6.6[999]: accepted new client on /dev/lircd
$ lircd 0.6.6[999]: removed client


sample entry in ~/.lircrc is

     prog = irxevent
     button = vcr_menu
     config = Key M CurrentWindow

where this matches my setting on my One For All Remote  for the VCR 
function and the menu button. In my lircrd.conf file vcr_menu is the 
name of the button so it all seems fine.

Any guesses ?

Running mythtv on a debian unstable box

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