[mythtv-users] MythTV/NFORCE2/KnoppMyth

Coax coax at cornernet.com
Sat Mar 27 14:19:23 EST 2004

Hiya, all!

Just letting you know that I have successfully gotten MythTV to work on a
KnoppMyth installation under an Athlon XP 2200+ w/ a PVR-350 with an
NFORCE2 chipset motherboard.

I had to recompile my kernel to get rid of the NFORCE2 crash bug due to
local APIC issues.. I ended up using a 2.4.25 kernel just because its
newer, and I was having some trouble getting the 2.4.21-xfs kernel that
comes with KnoppMyth to compile correctly.

If anyone would like my kernel compiled specifically for athlon, no initrd
needed, V4L2, and /lib/modules/2.4.25 directory complete with IVTV 0.1.9
and the lirc_i2c and lirc_dev modules compiled from the KnoppMyth included
version) please email me privately and i'll send you a tarball. (Also
included in the tarball will be the .config file i ended up with after
much work.)

As soon as I get some time, I'll package it up in a .tar.gz file and put
it up via http so folks can snag it that way.

Take care, folks!


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