[mythtv-users] Ivtv DMA errors

Coax coax at cornernet.com
Sat Mar 27 14:21:44 EST 2004

> Better to give too much than too little, yes.
> > Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated, even if it's
> > "go get a real motherboard".
> "Got get a real motherboard." ;-)

I went through this this week as well..  I had a KT/133 board with an old
Athlon 1ghz chip in it.. was gonna use it to test.  Oh my, the lockups.

I tried EVERYTHING.  Nothing would fix it. (Including trying custom
kernels compiled without local APIC, SMP, etc.)

Finally went out and bought a new machine specifically for the job.  I'll
let the KT133 do more important jobs, like holding the door open.. :)


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