[mythtv-users] A basic question about setup (hopefully)

Steve Dorsey steve at dorseygraphics.com
Sat Mar 27 13:04:39 EST 2004


   Setting up MythTv on FC1. Using Jarod's guide. I was able to 
successfully capture video in the command line and view it. I'm using 
basic cable to test the system, and I was able to DL all the program 
data with no problem. MySQL is running.

   Mythbackend starts with the system. I set up mythfrontend so I'd have 
to start it manually so that I could make changes if I have to without 
having to quit it after reboot.

   When I launch mythfrontend, I get menus and all that stuff. If I view 
live tv, I get a black screen, and I cannot ESC back to the menu.

Totally lost here. Any input is appreciated.



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