[mythtv-users] Auto-shutdown and EPG data

Henk Poley hpoley at dds.nl
Sat Mar 27 09:58:11 EST 2004

Op zaterdag 27 maart 2004 15:44, schreef Timo Boettcher:
> Hi Henk,
> * Henk Poley <hpoley at dds.nl>, Saturday, March 27, 2004, 2:55:22 PM:
> > I've ran MythTV with automatic shutdown (after all frontends are
> > disconnected and nothing is recording) for some time noe. But I
> > always updated the EPG by hand. Setting a cron job wouldn't really
> > help since you don't know is the machine will be on by then. Now I
> > figured that others will have the same problem, so have have you
> > solved it?
> IIRC Redhat had a special crondaemon named anacron (asyncronous cron)
> which was able to find out when a cron-job was last executed and would
> then execute it again if it was overdue. It looks like the
> vcron/vixie-cron (as installed by gentoo) can do it as well, but I
> didn't try.
> OTOH, you can write a small script that does something like that:
> <snip>

Hmm, I figured that yes, but as far as I can tell the HD access of the grabber 
and database-insertion can interfere with the recording. As since vixie-cron 
(yes, running Gentoo) will most likely schedule it somewhere after boottime.

But well, I'll try that first thing and see if I get angry people around 
here :-P

	Henk Poley <><

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