[mythtv-users] nforce and SPDIF

Khanh Tran khanh at slc.edu
Sat Mar 27 07:48:05 EST 2004

You probably wont use SPDIF in.  The sound gets passed from your capture
board over the PCI bus or out the capture card to the line-in of your
sound card.

If it makes you feel any better, I got the same response from asking
about the ASUS Pundit box.  Then again, when people ask me for my
thoughts on something, they walk away just as confused.  :)


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	I've been reading up for over a week now and planning on
purchasing my hardware really soon to build my first MythTV box!  I'm
fairly indecisive because I always want to make sure that I have the
right equipment for my needs.  Right now, I'm stuck on the motherboard.
I've been looking for a nForce board that has the on-board audio with
the MCP-T.  I've read that this is a decent fit for linux and MythTV
with the built in SPDIF.  But now I'm starting to confuse myself the
more I read.  Some people say it's horrible, others say it's great. So,
what's the truth?

Also, do I want SPDIF in, out, or both?!?!  That's the other part I'm
getting confused on.  Right now it looks like mainly SPDIF out, but can
someone explain to me how sound is recorded again?

I appreciate all helps and comments for the MythTV newb I am ;)

Also, any suggestions for an nForce motherboard would be great.  I'm
looking for Full Size ATX.  Right now I'm leaning towards the AOpen
AK79D MAX.  Any opinions on that particular board?


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