[mythtv-users] Complete idiot question.

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Sat Mar 27 07:30:35 EST 2004

I hope someone can point me to the info really quick on this one.
I'm trying to get Knoppmyth 14 standard install to control a dct2000 cable
Here is the idiot part.  I've found the scripts at
http://mythtv.org/pipermail/mythtv-users/2003-July/010241.html  Is this the
most current/best one or is there something better/newer?
I have no idea how to get them onto the myth box.
---------end quote--------

Your message may get ignored by the rest of the list. They are usually
pretty intolerant of this type complete newbie question.

First a small point, please dont post to the list in html format. The people
who get the list in digest format have to put up with all the formatting

To get into your system you will need to use SSH. There are a bunch of
different SSH programs out there, my favorite can be found at


copy the script over to /usr/local/bin and set its permissions to 755. At
that point you should be able to run it from the command line and use it
from within MythTV. Also dont try to edit the script using notepad under
windows, you will probably break the script because notepad adds non-linux
formatting to the file.

Linux has a pretty steep learning curve so be prepared to spend a lot of
time with google figuring out how to do things. You can also send me mail
off-list if you really get stuck.

Good luck!

Good luck.

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