[mythtv-users] Kinda off-topic mpeg encoder question

Patrick Reynolds reynolds at cs.duke.edu
Fri Mar 26 20:04:56 EST 2004

On Fri, 26 Mar 2004, Ed Benckert wrote:

> The whole reason I want to do this is to compress AVI's I have from home
> video (DV capture of wedding videos, family videos etc), and convert them to
> mpgs so I can view them in MythVideo and not take up 4 gigs of disk space
> for 20 minutes of DVD quality video... encoding it to mpg would save massive
> amounts of space, and although I CAN do it software, like I said... it takes
> about 6 hours on my 2ghz processor to encode about 90 minutes of avi.

Why MPEG2?  If you want to view it in MythVideo, MPEG4 will suffice.  It
encodes a lot faster than MPEG2 and takes up less space.  A 2GHz processor
should happily encode 640x480 MPEG4 video in better than real time.  You
could probably even do two-pass encoding (somewhat higher quality) in just
a bit more than real time.


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