[mythtv-users] mythfrontend crashes after ~10 minutes of watching live TV

Boyd II, Willy wboyd at fulbright.com
Fri Mar 26 16:44:13 EST 2004

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>Hi, all.  First post.
>I just got my first MythTV install working...more or less.  I 
>love it so 
>far, but there are a few issues that, if resovled, would make 
>me love it 
>The main issue is that the frontend completey craps out 
>(freezes picture, 
>audio stops, can't ESC out) when I watch live TV for 10-12 
>minutes.  I have 
>to Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to get to a command line.  I had a 
>friend look through 
>the logs, and he says he can't see anything that would 
>indicate what messed 
>it up, and suggested that I ask around on the list.

FWIW, I just started seeing this same behavior the last couple of nights
when watching recordings.  Frontend will hang, no audio, freeze frame,
no remote input (ESC).  When I ssh to the box to restart mythfrontend, I
can see that it's pegged the CPU at 100%.  As luck would have it, both
times I had run mythfrontend by "hand" (because of a previous freeze),
so I wasn't logging.  Both of my occurences happened after "input", i.e.
I was fast-forwarding, or trying to escape out of a recording.

I plan on digging into it this weekend, and if I find the 'cause I'll
post back to the list.

Fedora Core 1
512mb ram
using on-board audio/video
myth 0.14

>I'm a complete Linux n00b, so if you could talk to me like I'm 4, I'd 
>apprreciate it.  Thanks.
>The system I'm running is:
>Gentoo Linux 2004.0
>MythTV 0.14
>Voodoo 3 3000
>Hauppauge PVR-350
>Acer (I know, I know...) DVD-Rom Drive
>Steve Z
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