[mythtv-users] live tv audio problems

xavier nikoxan at mixmail.com
Fri Mar 26 14:08:22 EST 2004

I'm using a MIRO studio PCTV card, with a bt848 encoder and a
temic 4002 FH5 PAL tuner

>What kind of TV card are you using?
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>Hi there,
>I'm a new user of mythtv. I've recently installed mythtv_0.14 (on my 
Mandrake 9.2 with kernel 2.4.22 using the GNOME desktop) and several 
problems have been appearing. When using liveTV, there is a big playback 
slowdown and the audio is out of sync. In this situation, mythfrontend 
>> Audio buffer overflow, audio data lost.
>At the begining I thought my PC configuration just couldn't do it (AMD K6-III 
@400, 256 MB SDRAM), but I recorded a sample of 10 min of a TV show, 
and, to my surprise, when watching it, there was no audio at all! No need 
to say that the playback slowdown was also there. Moreover, while 
mythbackend recording, mythfrontend tends to freeze with the minimum 
>My livetv configuration compresses video with RTJpeg and audio with MP3 
at 33200 samples/sec. I use /dev/dsp as audio device, /dev/mixer as audio 
mixer and I've linked the audio output of my MIro pctv tv card to my sound 
blaster 128. I've no sync problem watching TV with xawtv. 
>I've the funny feeling that what I hear watching livetv is the sound coming 
directly from my sound card instead of the livetv buffer. 
>What's the problem? It's only my poor CPU speed to blame? Any solutions?
>Thank you all for your answers.
>  Xavier

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