[mythtv-users] M179 stability, was M179 vs. PVR-250

Jeff jeff at intersystems.com
Fri Mar 26 10:55:27 EST 2004

The card is working again. I'm not sure whether I did
something to help it out or whether it just works after
10-15 reboots :-)

I am now running the latest [stable] driver and firmware
from ATrpms. I took the source rpm and rebuilt it for my
system (Debian).

KnoppMyth has a set_ivtv_params script in /etc/init.d
which runs during boot before myth backend starts. I
edited it so that it sleeps for 45 seconds and doesn't
call test_ioctl any more. I've noticed that regardless of
what input you select in test_ioctl, it always reports
(dmesg) that its selecting Composite Video. I assume that
the message is wrong, but maybe it really is selecting
the wrong input.

At some point when I'm feeling adventurous I'll reboot the
box a few times to see if the M179 always works now or whether
I just got lucky. Since this isn't a test box, I think its
time to leave well enough alone for the moment.

Thursday, March 25, 2004, 8:01:14 PM, Jeff wrote:

> Well...can't get the card working any more.

> I tried adding the rmmod/modeprobe to /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend
> so that it could run before the backend starts up. Didn't
> help.

> Going back to the old drivers hasn't helped.

> Guess its time to disable this card in mythtv-setup :-(

> Thursday, March 25, 2004, 7:12:31 PM, Jeff wrote:

>> I've tried stopping mythbackend and I still get the
>> device inuse message... oh well.

>> Also, I installed the 0.1.9 driver and now it doesn't work
>> any more. In dmesg/syslog I get
>>     ivtv: 100 ms time out waiting for firmware
>>     ivtv: api call 0x000000c9 [the hex # varies]
>>     ivtv: init error <n>, code -16  (<n> is the error count)

>> Unfortunately now even reverting to the old drivers doesn't work.

>> Thursday, March 25, 2004, 1:03:29 PM, Kristo Kriechbaum wrote:

>>> I have an M179, and ivtv always fails the first time I load the module
>>> (ie on bootup).  So in my rc.local I have the following:

>>> /etc/init.d/mythbackend stop
>>> rmmod ivtv
>>> modprobe ivtv
>>> /etc/init.d/mythbackend start

>>> I would guess you get "device inuse" because myth is trying to use it.

>>> Kristo

>>> On Thu, Mar 25, 2004 at 05:58:15AM -0500, Jeff wrote:
>>>> I would recommend the PVR-250. I have both and the M179 card is
>>>> the only one that gives me zero length recordings. I get it up and
>>>> running and then the machine reboots for some reason and it takes
>>>> me a while to get the M179 happy again. The symptom is I get are
>>>> problems initializing the firmware during boot and then:
>>>>    ivtv: timed out waiting for firmware
>>>>    ivtv: init error <n>. Code -16
>>>> Others have said that they can rmmod ivtv; insmod ivtv to get it
>>>> to work, I always get a "device inuse" message from the rmmod. A
>>>> couple more reboots and sometimes reloading the firmware fixes
>>>> the problem.
>>>> This never happens with the PVR card.
>>>> I'm using ivtv-cvs-latest+1125A+M179_close_stream with
>>>> Knoppmyth and pvr250_17_21226.exe
>>>> Wednesday, March 24, 2004, 3:11:48 AM, Jarod C. Wilson wrote:
>>>> >
>>>> > No distinguishable difference between the two for me. I have a retail
>>>> > rev2 PVR-250 and an M179 in the same box, no problem. For a secondary
>>>> > card (or even a primary, if you have another remote control interface),
>>>> > the M179 is a solid deal. Save the money.
>>>> > 
>>>> > On Mar 20, 2004, at 13:41, Bruce Smith wrote:
>>>> >>> And the firmware isn't what needs patching to support the M179, it is
>>>> >>> the ivtv driver itself. And yes, the latest packages on ATrpms do have
>>>> >>> the M179 patch applied. I use them myself with both my M179 cards, no
>>>> >>> problem.
>>>> >>
>>>> >> I'm looking to buy a 2nd card (my first is a PVR-250), and I'm debating
>>>> >> about getting a M179 off ebay, or another PVR-250.  How does the
>>>> >> quality
>>>> >> compare between them?  I've read some postings about M179's having bad
>>>> >> quality, but that may only apply to the Windows drivers (which I don't
>>>> >> care about).  If there is any difference in quality, I'll spend the
>>>> >> extra for another PVR-250.  If the quality is the same, then I might as
>>>> >> well save the money.  Does a M179 and a PVR-250 play nice together in
>>>> >> the same box?  Which would you recommend for a 2nd card? Thanks!

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