[mythtv-users] Anyone compaired Pundit Svideo to PVR-350 TV out?

Niklas Brunlid nbr at ticalc.org
Fri Mar 26 04:48:29 EST 2004

On Thu, 25 Mar 2004 18:17:07 +0100, Kenneth Ljungh 
<kenneth at klj.servebeer.com> wrote:

> Malcolm wrote:
>> I've never really noticed the Pundit boxes till now.  A search in the
>> archieves shows lots of people have them but I couldn't find anything
>> specifically about their TV quality?
>> I have a PVR-350 and 250 in my current Myth box.  I just ordered an 
>> Antec
>> Overture case, new MB, and the Chaintech MX440 card.  Well that just 
>> cost
>> over $210 from Newegg.  The case arrived yesterday and is much bigger 
>> than I
>> realized.
>> So I'm looking around some more and find the Pundit system.  Looks nice 
>> and
>> compact.  Has two PCI slots so I can put my 350 and 250 card in.  I 
>> don't
>> want to use the 350's TV out anymore because of stability issues.  Does
>> anyone know how well the Pundit's Svideo will work and what the quality
>> looks like?
>> I'd like to send my current order back and get the Pundit if I hear good
>> things about the Svideo out.
> I'm from a PAL country and maybe it's different for NTSC but the S-video
> output from the Pundit is not really good compared to the output from
> the 350. You easily spot the difference when comparing the two.
> Kenneth

Please don't top post (corrected).

While I agree that the Pundit's SVideo out isn't as nice as the PVR350, it 
was OK for me. It needs a lot of tweaking, however, mostly for 
hue/saturation/brightness, but Winshofer's SiS drivers come with a utility 
that makes it fairly easy. Also, those drivers are updated _very_ often 
and a binary drop-in driver for X is provided, both of which I consider a 
big plus.

The big downside that drove me to get a 350 (instead of a 250) was that 
the Pundit doesn't support overscan. I'm not sure if it's a hardware or 
driver issue though. On my TV I could use Winshofer's control utility to 
make the output almost as big as the visible area, but there was still a 
~5mm black edge left.

Niklas Brunlid

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