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Mike Smith easygreenus at yahoo.com
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I use nuvexport to convert my MPEG4 .nuv files to
burn to DVD.  Select the DVD option.  I can put
8-9 half hour programs ( with commercials flagged )
onto each DVD.  Sometimes I can get up to 11.

The standalone DVD players are VERY particular about
resolution and audio bitrates.  About the only thing
you can do is set a low maximum video bitrate that
reduces quality.


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Hi people,
I have been following the discussion but I haven't
actually read 
that relates to my problem ( or so I think)  I have
been reading mostly
about his from people with PVR x50 cards.
I have a hauppauge wintv  card that works good for me.
 I have shows 
that I
want to burn to dvd.
As you know this card doesn't record directly to mpeg2
but mpeg4.
Is this possible?
Having this, what would be the procedure to accomplish
this task?
I believe some nuvexport is needed but I am not sure
about what option 
select.  I don't want/need dvd quality. Something
simple where I could 
at least 4-6 shows per disc.  Each show is around 22
minutes long.
Any help is appreciated.

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