[mythtv-users] KDE startup freeze with nvidia-graphics4363

Andrea Palisca apalisca at sj.symbol.com
Thu Mar 25 23:06:15 EST 2004


thanks for replying. I already did that and removed the nvidia driver. I
then installed the latest version available via apt and, although KDE
starts up fine, the SVIDEO output quality is worse. 

Does anyone have any suggestion on how to get KDE to get past the
'restoring session' phase, so that I can use version 4363?


>>> cwatson at linkline.com 03/25/04 18:46 PM >>>

Andrea Palisca wrote:

>I'm running KDE 3.2 and Redhat 9 Fedora Core. When I updated from the
>default (installed by redhat) video drivers to nvidia-graphics4363, KDE
>stopped working: it freezes after login during the "Restoring Session"
>phase. The KDE splash-screen never goes away and the system becomes
>non-responsive (mouse works but everything else is dead).
>Any help is greatly appreciated. 
Edit the configuration file, XF86Config(I believe w/ RedHat/Fedora).  
Change the driver from nvidia to nv.  If KDE is able to start then 
perhaps a different version of the nVidia driver.


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