[mythtv-users] More feature requests

S. Baker bakers at erols.com
Thu Mar 25 21:45:52 EST 2004

   I didn't get much response from the last email I sent about
feature requests; perhaps it was because it appeared in the
archives as though it was a reply to a different topic?  Is
there something that has to be included in the email to 
make a new topic start?

   Anyway, a repeat of the features I was thinking of before:
1. DVD-like zoom.  This would include zoom while freeze-framed,
and during playback.  Also arrow keys (or assigned) would move the
center around.  Most DVD players can zoom in quite a bit.

2. dump current frame to a file.  Definitely while freeze-framed,
could also work during playback, but this would make less sense.

And a new thought:

3.  regular expression mode for specifying what to record.  With
separate expressions for the show title, as well as the description.
I have been wanting this for a while.  The schedule only goes so
far forward, and there are old movies that I would like to record
if they happen to show up.  I don't want to go looking for them,
however.  This could also solve the problem recently discussed about
only wanting certain seasons of shows, if the season number appears
in the description.  

S. Baker
bakers at erols.com

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